HANA is SAP's in-memory analytics appliance which uses memory, instead of disk, to store and retrieve data.

SAP HANA empowers enterprises by converging database and application platform capabilities in-memory to enable Businesses to operate in real time.

In-memory analytics allow data to be aggregated and calculations to be performed in memory, at the database.

HANA yields incredibly fast response times over exceptionally large data sets.

SAP HANA Capabilities

HANA enables real-time analysis of SAP data without compromising performance of the transaction system. This means large, integrated data volumes both SAP and non-SAP with complex modeling scenarios, can be analyzed for decision support and operational analysis.

HANA has evolved rapidly from being a modern database for analytical use cases into a unique technology platform that combines database and application capabilities.

HANA is impressive in terms of performance, SAP HANA is earning accolades for its stability and reliability, enabling simplified solution architectures and fostering innovation.

Value Realization with SAP HANA

Novitatt's comprehensive services range from formulating HANA strategy and developing a roadmap and Proof of Concept (PoC), to program planning, execution, migration and support. HANA provides a reduced TCO through a simplified architecture which:

  1. Eliminates separate data layers, disk space, data indexes, etc
  2. Removes discreet Business Warehouse (BW) and Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) tools for SAP-based data (in HANA stand-alone model)
  3. Performs data analysis without need for building complex, multi-tiered data models.
  4. Compresses data and storage sizes
  5. Reduces the analytics infrastructure footprint with fewer moving parts
  6. Increases data storage needs at a slower pace than traditional disk-based models
  7. Lowers development and support costs due to decreased data modeling needs
  8. Environment & Health Safety (EHS)

SAP HANA Service offerings

Novitatt today has the significant number of Business Suite on HANA deployment. We design, install, run, and operate the largest SAP HANA landscapes across the globe for our customers with service levels of up to 99.995% for productive systems.

With Novitatt you have a trusted partner that offers services in all areas of SAP HANA including:

  1. Business Analytics on SAP HANA
  2. BW Implementation on SAP HANA
  3. Business Suite on SAP HANA including
  4. Simple Finance and S/4 for HANA
  5. Innovations and Application Development on SAP HANA
  6. BW & Business Suite to HANA Migration
  7. SAP Rapid Deployment Solution Implementation
  8. Environment & Health Safety (EHS)

Replatforming and modernization including Cloud, third party integration and data volume management.

Novitatt CoE for SAP HANA

Novitatt SAP HANA Center of Excellence (CoE) is a repository of accumulated knowledge and thought leadership built around SAP HANA. The CoE plays a key role in building strong enterprises, analyzing and designing integrated ERP business solutions, building process efficiency through technical and business changes, and maximizing the performance of integration across solutions within and outside the CoE. Some of our key capabilities include :

  1. Advisory services. readiness and maturity assessments
  2. Expertise in implementation, integration and migration
  3. Business Suite on HANA including Simple Finance and S/4 HANA
  4. Game-changing apps on HANA: We enable enterprises to mobilize several highly complex business processes on HANA using unique apps
  5. Engineering labs: We provide server, storage and infrastructure management for HANA
  6. SAP HANA platform services including deployment in virtualized landscapes
  7. Data modeling, mining and effective reporting