Novitatt Solutions understands this and offers innovative solutions to our clients allowing them to reduce inventory and drive supply chain efficiently.

Retails companies cannot afford stock-outs or lost sales.

Novitatt's offering in Retail segment can be classified into the following main areas:

Supply Chain Management

In the retail sector it is extremely important that one has complete view of the entire supply chain and that the supply chain is kept very nibble to be able to react to changes in the market demand. Novitatt Solutions provides services and solutions that help you minimize the number of past due orders, reduce the number of stock out situations and improve your overall inventory situations.

Warehouse Management

In retail sector, the primary aim to control the movement and storage of goods. The success differentiator for companies depends on how efficiently the goods are stored, their exact locations and the time taken for the right material to be sourced.

Novitatt's expertise in implementing SAP warehouse management and SAP Extended Warehouse Management solutions helps in solving your organization's warehousing requirements.

Merchandise Planning

Planning starts with demand forecasting, demand identifications and needs system support at all stages of the process. The solution allows for the sales and procurement plans to be determined based on the various forecasting technics using both historical data and market data.

Point of Sales system

We, at Novitatt Solutions allow you to identify and implement the optimum point of sales system for your business and seamlessly integrate it with your backend SAP ERP system.


SAP ERP system for retail allows to you to identify the right procurement sources and order the required amount of quality of a given product. Novitatt's expert consultants can help setup your entire procurement life cycle, right from purchase requisition to order to delivery.

Business Reporting and Dashboards

All businesses need some key business dashboards, which allow you to have an accurate monitoring of your business. Novitatt's expert consultants can help you identify the key performance indicators for the reporting and define and build the most optimum dashboard.