Oil and Gas

The Oil & Gas industry is defined by increasingly complex projects with global supply chains and multiple project stakeholders.

It relies on real-time access to accurate information to support efficient, profitable operations and growing shareholder, regulatory and safety requirements. Our experts at Novitatt Solutions provide innovations solutions that help you revolutionize your energy operations and improve production.

SAP for Oil & Gas helps you in following business priorities:

  1. Capital Spend effectiveness
  2. Digital Oilfield Operations
  3. Hydrocarbon Supply Chain
  4. Operational Integrity
  5. Human Resources
  6. Finance
  7. Information Technology

The Real Estate Management solution groups the typical processes and functions in the application into five main process categories (or key capabilities). Because the life cycle of a real estate asset begins with the acquisition being recorded in the real estate portfolio and ends with its disposal, the solution map begins here. This is followed by management of the relevant data of the real estate portfolio.

Operative real estate management follows: first commercial management and then technical management. The supporting processes complete the picture, including management accounting (controlling), reporting, an especially important for large volume business correspondence.