Novitatt's team, with user experience design skills along with the deep middleware and engineering expertise, has built and managed enterprise applications for the most demanding IT departments in the world.

Our experts at Noviataa Solutions help you adopt a Mobile Strategy that helps your business 'Run Smartly'

  1. A mobile strategy with a single mobile container with a placeholder for all your current and future mobile applications. Your customers get a hassle-free solution without any need to download each application separately from marketplace.
  2. Extensive visual management Dashboards for phones and tablets for effective management and monitoring the usage and reach of any mobile application.
  3. Save your expenses in procuring devices and adopt a secure mobile strategy based on BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
  4. Go Platform-free. Create application just once with multi-device support and publish on iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Tablets & Phones.
  5. Be connected to your customers and hear what they are saying on Social Media.

In addition, we have industry business process know-how and knowledge of Enterprise software, business intelligence, content management, SCM and CRM. These help us securely and elegantly extend enterprise power to the palm of your users hands.